Thursday, June 26, 2008


by Heather Melcer

We're all familiar with the typical feng shui buzz nowadays: wealth corner here, relationship corner there, water fountain, crystals, north, south, etc. But there is a much more natural level of feng shui energy flow that meanders through our environments, and the more in tune we get with it, the more easily things will open up and flow in our lives.

Our homes are truly a mirror reflection of what is going on in our lives and the way you interact with your space is also an indication of how the rest of the world is interacting with you. Literally translated feng shui means "wind" and "water" and a good place to start assessing the energy is imagining these two aspects of Mother Earth flowing through your home - how do they flow?

Now let's take a look at how you and your things are affecting that flow of energy. Literally, how do you flow, or rather walk through and utilize your space on a daily basis? Finding balance in the personal flow of actions through your home is just as essential a part of creating good feng shui energy as what to put in what corner where. I'm talking about the really simple things that together add up and create blocks of energy flow, and in turn, block in the movement of your life.

For example, when you wake-up in the morning and reach for your bathrobe, where is it - a natural, easy place close by? You go downstairs to make your morning coffee, where are the mugs and coffee beans - right next to the coffee maker or the other side of the kitchen? From another angle, where do you naturally throw down the mail when you walk through your door each day? Surely we all have that place we intend it to go, but don't we all have that "natural" place that things just somehow wind up and flow to? In a case like that, it's good to honor that area and get a nice basket or container if that's where it naturally ends up.

Sure, overall it's nice to have things all neat and put away, but you have to find balance between what looks good and what is creating natural and unnatural flow in your everyday life. I know we all desire to live in a pristine, everything-put-away, model home atmosphere these days. However, no one really actually has a life in a space like that, it's an energy of emptiness in some ways at that point.

So take some time to assess and become conscious of how much extra flow exists in your everyday routines. Notice all the little ways you are constantly swimming upstream against the current of your life. When you can find the balance and go with the natural flow of the physical structure, it is then that you can achieve an important aspect of fFeng sShui and open up to easier flow of successes in your life.

Copyright 2008, Heather I. Melcer

Heather I. Melcer is a certified feng shui practitioner providing on-site consultations in Southern California, introductory workshops and monthly tip e-mails. With a diverse background including publishing, marketing, graphic design, writing, an MFA degree and personal metaphysical studies, her unique gifts blend together to creatively assist people in bringing true harmony and success to their lives. Her intuitive and practical approach integrates this ancient art form into a modern world.
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